Sourav Acharjee, Firshad Ali PP, Amitava Paul, Mayank Awasthi, Biswanath Bhunia, Uma Shankar Prasad Uda


In the present study, we have critically optimized the spore age and preservation time along with the optimization of seed cultivation using newly isolated fungal strain. The effect of environmental stress on spore germination has been evaluated on the basis of morphology. Temperature and time control strategy are mainly used for optimization of seed culture for extracellular amylase production. In this investigation, the optimum time for spore preservation is 35 days. It is interesting to note that formation of germination tube starts after 18 hours of incubation for seed media. In the batch study, the production of extracellular amylase was   found after 6 days of fermentation.


Optimization, amylase production, Seed culture, Spore preservation, Fermentation

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